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hubiC for Windows/Mac/Linux and Android free Download

hubiC is the most popular Online backup and file sync service. You can backup your files and documents to your online storage. Automatically you can backup Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Calendar and data files are stored in hubiC folder easily. The best advantage in hubiC is it’s offering free 50GB for storing Data files in

Audacity for Mac/Windows and Linux free Download

Audacity for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux OS. Audacity is most popular open source audio editor and recorder, It was the simply best and open source audio recording and mixing software ever. This application use to imports Music and Audio Sounds, puts sound effects against individual tracks and mixes things like best audio tracks and

Skype for Mac/Windows/Linux/Android free Download

Skype for Mac/Windows/Linux/Android Skype is the most popular free instant messenger software in the world. This service enabling you to communicate with people using your headphones or web cam. This App is able to messaging, high quality free voice and video calls anywhere in the world. The best feature in Skype you can send and

Viber for Windows/Mac/Linux/Android free Download

Viber mobile application now available on your Windows/Mac/Linux. This is a popular messaging application specially designed for instant messaging. Let’s you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber user in anywhere anytime. It also support video calls and it’s really easy to use. The best feature in App is high-quality HD voice

How to upgrade Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10

Ubuntu Upgrade There are many ways to upgrade from one Ubuntu version to another Ubuntu version very easily. Now Ubuntu upgrade 17.10 release is official there’s a new desktop, new display server, a new display manager and new kernel. If you’re wondering how to upgrade Ubuntu 17.04 LTS to Ubuntu 17.10 LTS, follow below process step-by-step. If

Linux Backup and Restore step by step

Linux Backup and Restore It’s provides easily to backup and restore Linux using Timeshift Application. Timeshift is a free GUI tool that is designed to protect only system files and settings. There are lots of impressive backup software available for Linux. Linux backup tool use to simply to restore and backup your Media files, Documents,