MobaXterm for Windows 10/7/8/Vista/Xp free Download

MobaXterm download for windows 10/7/8/vistaxp all windows versions. It is a most popular free software tool for remote computing.

MobaXterm tool is an upgrade terminal for windows with an X11 server, a tab- based SSH client and several other network tools for remote computing (SSH, RDP, VNC, telent, rlogin, sftp, ftp and more…..).

This tool has the main Unix (GNU/Cygwin) commands for windows desktop, in a single portable exe file.

MobaXterm download

It was an ALO (all-in-one) network application for remote computing tasks. It is already configured for complete remote access.

The X11 server is automatically started and X11 is automatically forwarding configured.

A “multi-execution” option allows you to execute the same commands on multiple sessions at the same time.

MobaXterm tool saved for future password-less connection and Graphical SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) browser is automatically started for secure file transfers.

It’s allowing you to drag and drop files directly to or from the SSC using the SFTP connection.

It’s provides a new button in MobaXtrem home page allows you to recover session which had been open in previous instance of this tool.

MobaXterm tool provides new feature now possible to assign comments to sessions and to use them in the “Quick connect” field in order to find the session.

You can easily run this tool on your PC or Laptop and can perform more advanced operations than PuTTY.

MobaXterm tool helping you launch and mange different terminals or remote sessions at the same time.

Each remote session is automatically save and you are allow to edit, move, import or export and delete them.

You can also use some of the free plugins for extending MobaXterm capabilities.

You’ll see two option for MobaXterm download: first one to install as a system–wide application (“installer”) and second one to installing to a flash drive (“portable edition”).

Officially MobaXterm download for Windows 10/7/8/Xp/Vista device.


MobaXterm download

MobaXterm Best Features

  • Free X11 server fully configured based on
  • Now you can export same session to a file, put it in a shared location and share it multiple members
  • You can now right click on the session tree an choose “Import SuperPuTTY sessions”
  • Several Unix commands based on GNU/Cygwin (rsync, wget, sd, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, cp)
  • Now you can browse your S3 buckets using this graphical session
  • Network tool box in a single application like SSH, RSH, RDP, VNC, SFTP, XDMPC, MOSH
  • Very easy to graphical file transfer using drag and drop secured SSH connection
  • Your remote display uses SSH for secure transport
  • MobaXterm download tool works with all windows versions
  • Program without installation that you can start from an USB stick
  • Light and portable tool, packaged in a single executable
  • This tool provides you can record macros in MobaXterm terminal
  • You can control of your remote windows servers using the RDP protocol



MobaXterm is a most popular tool for ever. It Home Edition provides a graphical user interface that make it easy to access remote servers and it provides a Linux environment on windows server. Network tool box in a single application like SSH, RSH, RDP, VNC and more.


MobaXterm Download for Windows

Click to download for Windows (Installer)

Server 1:

MobaXterm download



Sever 2:

MobaXterm download



Click to download for Windows (Portable)

Server 1:

MobaXterm download



Server 2:

MobaXterm download





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