Mac OS X Re-Install using Internet Recovery

 OS X recovery Mode provides the Recovery tools to you can need to solve these problem.

Now you can use OS X recovery help you reinstall OS X, Repair or erase a hard Disk on any Mac Laptops.

This is made fairly easy as all modern Macs include OS X internet Recovery features.

This OS X recover explain How to install OS X on any Mac, by install the Mac operating system from using the internet.

OS X recovery for mac


This Mac OS X emergency repair system called OS X recovery mode. First you connect the Mac to the internet and download the OS X operating system.

This enables a Mac to restore OS X without needing the installation Disk or Pen drives.

First you can start up from OS X recovery and select from these utilities then click the option and continue.

There are two types of system recovery one of which is based on a local Recovery Disk partition and another one is called Internet Recovery.

The latter being trigger if the Mac system does not a recovery partition found or if booted directly into as show in this walk-through. Both of the recovery modes let you re-install OS X.


OS X Recovery for Mac using Internet Recovery:

  1. In the apple menu 1st choose Restart or Power on your Mac system.
  2. As the laptop or computer restarts hold down Command+Option+R combination immediately upon hearing the startup chime. If you see the Apple logo waited too long and need to reboot and try again.

OS X recovery


3. After next step a Wi-Fi menu appears. Internet recovery needs an internet connection to load the recovery tools from Apple’s server. Click the menu to display the available Wi-Fi networks.

OS X recovery

4. TIP:  You may or may not see an option to join a Wi-Fi network, this depends on whether the mac can access any saved networks from OS X or not.

OS X recovery

5. If this isn’t an open Wi-Fi network you will be ask to type in your password and press enter on the keyboard. Click the check mark symbol to continue.

OS X recovery

6. After your Mac system has connected to the WI-FI network, it’ll download a recovery system image from Apple’s servers and start from it giving you access to the recovery tools.

OS X recovery

It’s was depending on your internet Wi-Fi connections, this may take from couple of minutes to up to an hour or longer.

  1. If all goes well after you’ll be presents with OS X Utilities window. Choose the option you want to use in this window or via Utilities menu.

OS X recovery

The recovery tools let you reinstall the version of OS X which on your Mac system, Restore the computer from a time machine backup, check the connected disks for errors with Disk Utility or search for help online using Safari.



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